How to Use People + content (Polycom App)

HNote:  Use of People + content Application is very simple & reliable. There are two methods to use this application, one is through USB cable & another is through Wireless network.  For USB you have to connect Polycom Trio USB cable to your laptop. And for Wireless network, you have to first install People +content application in your laptop & then need to enter Visual Trio’s systems IP address (showing on projector /TV Screen) in your laptops People +content app.   Once you connected People + content successfully, you can screen share and present documents, images, videos, etc.

The methods & installation process is given in brief in below, please read it very carefully.

Method 1:-

  • Connect Polycom Trio USB cable to your Laptop.
Polycom Trio VC USB Cable
  • While Connecting USB cable it will make one local drive in your Computer like C /D /F Drive. Open that new local drive (people + content IP) & click on People + Content IP application.
People Plus Content IP
  • While you click on People + content IP application, one pop up (application) will open. On this application you have click on start button.  Now you can see your laptop’s screen is showing on Projectio’s screen /TV.
Polycom + Content IP

Method 2:-

  • Download Polycom People + content application from below path.

Web url path @

  • Install PolycomContentApp in your laptop.-
  • After successfully installation open that application .
  • While you just open People + content app it will search Polycom Trio device nearby you.
  • If unable to search any device, then you have to click on Find Other Rooms & type Polycom Visual Trio IP address (Which is shown in your TV/Projection Device).
  • After entering IP address, connect it. After this it will automatically show your laptops screen on projection device, big screen or TV.

Please better understand please refer below screen shot